5 x Dried Artichoke Flowers - Large - Dried Flowers - Floral Supplies - Real Fl

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These stunning red artichoke flowers have been naturally dried.

They are ideal for floral arrangements, natural home decoration an craft.

As they are natural products each one is unique and varies in size. I have some with long stalks an some with shorts. The flower heads are about 10cm (h) x 4/5cm(wide)

You will receive a random selection .  If you need something specific please contact us.

All of items come from sustainable and approved sources. 100% Natural.

Questions and custom orders welcome.

Please note- whilst we ship most of our products worldwide, please check before hand for customs restrictions to your country (if buying from outside the EU. If items are returned because of customs we will refund the good but not the shipping costs. We would be happy to assist you should you have any questions.