10 x Sand Dollars Small In basket- Natural White - 2-4cm - Natural decor - Sea

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Sand Dollars Small - 3 -4cm

Each San Dollar is unit with a beautiful white / bleached colouring

These are mesmerising natural wonders and can be used for decorations or for all manner of craft and projects.

You wiill receive 10 sand dollars in beautiful basket.

Fascinatingly delicate, wafer thin, sun bleached sea urchin shell. Use for crafts and interior decoration and for making bespoke wedding favours. Shells can be attached with 'UHU' type glue.

Background: Classified as echinoids, Sand Dollars are flat, round marine animals related to sea urchins. These spiney shells are found in sandy sediments in oceans throughout the world.

Larger quantities are available please contact for requests. We also supply giant sand dollars!

Let me know if you have any questions!

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