Assorted Dried Fruits Lemons Lime and Orange Dried Fruit Pot Pouri Christmas

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Assorted selection of  dried festive fruits    

1 x Yellow Lemon   1 x  Green Lime ,  1 x Whole Orange, 1 x Green Orange
Plus 4 x Orange Slices  and 4 Green Orange Slices

 Citrus Fruits -  make wonderful festive decoration. They look great and retain the scent of citrus perfectly.

Ideal for Christmas decoration -  table decoration - wreath decorations, Christmas tree decoration and  accessories 

Each orange/lime are about 4-8 cm in diameter.

These 100% natural.  We also supply  dried oranges, green oranges and yellow lemons. All whole or sliced.

All of my items are from sustainable sources.

Let me know if you have any questions.

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