Bag of 100+ Assorted Small Sea Shells - Natural Decor and Craft Shell Craft.

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Superb bag of assorted small shells. Packs are contain over 100+ individual shells.

Let your imagination run wild with these wonderful collection of small sea shells , they can be used for detailed decoration of invitation cards, place settings, and making invitations in a bottle and much much more!
They are also a great way to discover some of the wonders of the see!

Shell size: 5-15mm. Pack is likely to contain approximately 100-200 shells. Contents may vary from that illustrated

Mini shells for crafts, especially suited to incidental and detailed decoration of invitation cards, place settings, making of jewellery boxes etc. and can be attached using 'UHU' type glue.

Collection may vary from that illustrated, but typically will contain:

Button Tops
Pearl Rainbow Galaxy
Purple Mini Clams
Small White Cockle
Star Limpets
White Bubbles
White Mini Clams
For further details see individual shell descriptions.

Safety Information: Not suitable for children under 36 months as the shells may present a choking hazard.