Bag of 100+ Coloured Assorted Sea Shells - Natural Decor and Craft Shell Craft.

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Superb bag of coloured assorted shells. Packs are contain over 90-100++ individual shells.

Let your imagination run wild with these wonderful coloured sea shells , they can be used for decoration of invitation cards, place settings, and making invitations in a bottle and much much more!

They are also a great way to discover some of the wonders of the sea!

Shell size: 0.5-1cm. Pack is likely to contain approximately 90-100+ shells.

Colouring is facilitated in the UK using safe colourfast pigments and waterproof resin.

Collection may vary in colour and content from that illustrated, but typically will contain:

Button Tops
Purple Mini Clams
Small White Cockle
Star Limpets
White Bubbles
White Mini Clams

Safety Information: Not suitable for children under 36 months as the shells may present a choking hazard.