Bag of 20-50+ Mini Abalone shells - Rainbow Galaxy Shells- Natural Decor and

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Miniature shells with a striking mother of pearl interior and a natural exterior "dark side" to the galaxy. The shells are suitable for crafts and interior/exterior decoration. The shells look stunning as table decoration at weddings and anniversaries where their delicate form makes them almost confetti like. Shells can be attached with 'UHU' type glue.

Pack Contents: 40g net

Shell Size: Approx 2-3cm

Pack Size: Pack 12x 10cm, Header 12 x3cm, Hanger cut out 2.5cm.

Shell Count: Typically a 40g pack contains 20 to 30 shells

Background: Whilst we think these shells look like a swirling galaxy they are part of the family of abalone shells which are found widely throughout Indo-Pacific and Australian waters.