Bag of 40+ Sea Shell Slices - Natural Decor and Craft Shell Craft. Natural Cr

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Superb bag of assorted shell slices Packs are contain over 40+ individual shells.

Let your imagination run wild with these wonderful coloured sea shells .

They are also a great way to discover some of the wonders of the sea!

Shell sizes: The shells are in a range of sizes nominally from 30 to 60mm in length and 5-10mm thickness.

Fully cleaned shells from approved sources which have been sliced to reveal the intricate internal structure and colours. You can use these for interior and exterior decoration. Also used for photo-shoots, decoration in restaurants and event theming as well as art-work and craft work.

Collection may vary from that illustrated, but typically will contain slices of :

Knobbly Cerith
Gold Mouth
Assorted Cones
White Cerith
For further details see individual shell descriptions.