Bleached Badam White Elephant Ear 12 x Natural Floral - Airplant Supplies, Dried

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White Floral - Airplant Supplies, Dried Flowers, Botany, Natural Raw Materials

These ' elephant ears' are perfect for craft and natural creations.

Each one is around 6-10cm in length.

Bleached Badam Nut Pods are beautiful pods that you can use in any arrangement. They will last and look beautiful for years. Also know as elephant ear pods.

They have been beautifuly dried and presserved ready to be used in floral arrangements, air plant displays, home decoration and much more!

Price is for 12 White Badam We also supply a larger version of these ' Doube Elephant Ears'

Questions and custom orders are always welcome. Check our other listing for a host of natural material and interiors acessories.

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