Carrier Shell - Xenophoridae - Natural History Curios - Conchology - Xenophora

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This is one of nature oddities. The carier shell ( Xenophorids) are unusual in that in many of the species the animal cements small stones or shells to the edge of the shell as it grows, thus the shells of those species are sometimes humorously referred to as "shell-collecting shells".

The genus name Xenophora comes from two ancient Greek words and means "bearing (or carrying) foreigners". The shells are small to rather large (diameter of base without attachments 19–160 mm; height of shell 21–100 mm), depressed to conical, with narrow to wide, simple to spinose peripheral edge or flange separating spire from base. Aperture large, base broad, rather flattened, often umbilicate.

The shell you will received are Xenophora cerea. There between 6-8cm. They contain pieces of coral, stones and various interesting bits that have been attached to them over the course of their existence!

All our shells come from regulated and approved sources. Questions are awlays welcome.

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