Superb Collection of taxidermy beetles- Entomology Collection

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Superb Collection of taxidermy beetles- Entomology Collections

Perfectly preserved and incased in lovely wooden and glass frame, perfect additon for a collection or as a one off ready to be hung on the wall.

An outstanding collection of 10 Speciemens including:
Chrysochroa bugueti rugicollis
Paraleprodera crueifera
Sagra Femorata
Dorysthenes buqueti
Cyrtotrachelus dux.
Rhelulus SP
Xylotrupes Gideon
Torynorrrhina flammea
Sternocera aequisignata

Size: Frame 15cm x15cm ( 6'x6')

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ORIGIN   Indonesia

Pomponia is a genus of cicadas from Asia.  A group of species previously placed in Pomponia, containing the largest cicada species found on earth.