Giant Murex Sea Shell - Murex Ramosus - Large Sea Shell - 19cm++ Giant shell

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Giant Murex Shell - 
Shell size: 19-22.5cm. (7-9 inch) 

Description & Application: 
One of the most popular selected natural white murex shells from approved sources for crafts and interior/exterior decoration. 

Background: Murex is the name given to a group of medium to large sized carnivorous tropical sea snails. Many of the species are found in Indo-Pacific waters in intertidal zones among rocks. 

Murex in History: The word Murex was used by ancient Greeks which makes it one of the oldest shell names still used today. The dye often called “Royal Purple” was made from the mucus of selected species of Murex. This costly dye was used for royal and ceremonial robes. 

Classification: Chicoreus ramosus Linne
100% Natural From approved and sustainable sources.  Please note item may very in colour and size to the pictures.

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