Small Cork Bark Trunk ( Hollow) 20cm x 6-9 cm - Natural Decoration - Tree Trunk

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Stunning piece of natural cork oak bark from Portugal (ref7)

Each Piece is unique and each one oozes with character. Being hollow they are reasonably lightweight for there size and can used in host of natural interior design and aplications.

They have been cleaned bu their natural charm remains with moss and lychens still attached. Rest fo assured they have been professionaly cleaned and are safe for terraniums and vivariums.

We have other sizes and shapes so please free to browse our shop, incuding XXXL Cork barks.

Length - 20cm
Trunk Diameter - 6-9cm
( Measurements are approximates)

Questions and custom orders are always welcome - We also supply wholesale.

Many thanks,

Paradise Crow
Natural Design and Interiors