Thin Polished Agate Slice - Agate Geode Disks for craft and Jewelery making - Ag

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Beautiful polished agate slices from Brazil.

Each slice is unique and agate comes in all shades of colours imaginable. Here you will received the unique agates slices randomly picked from the selection pictured. ( custom orders are always welcome)

Size approx. 10cm x 10cm

These are high quality Brazilian agate with great stunning colours, translucency and interesting banding patterns.

These crystal agate slices are perfect used in craft, jewellery making, framed and can be used in a host of natural crafts and natural interiors projects they would also be great mineral specimens to add to a rock and crystal collection.

We have a wide range of Agate slices in our mineral section of our shop, including larger specimens. We offer combine shipping and always welcome questions and custom orders.

Agate is a variety of silica also sometimes known as “banded chalcedony.” It is most often formed as nodules in volcanic rock. A vapor vesicle in the rock fills in over time with layers of chalcedony and crystalline quartz. When the cavity does not fill in completely there will be a geode center with the crystal points directed toward the interior of the specimen. The stone was named after the river Achates (now known as Dirillo and located in modern day Sicily) by the Greek naturalist Theophrastus. Agate has a long history of use for artistic and decorative purposes.