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Vintage  Turquoise Mineral -

hese pieces are vintage  from the 70s and are all hand polished.

Each piece is unique and the listing is for a ramdom piece from our slection ( in the photos)
Approx size:

4/5cm Long x 2/3cm  Height cm x 3/5cm Wide
Weight 60-100g

Any questions please do let us know -  We also have larger and smaller pieces available so do have a look!

Interesting info:
The mineral turquoise is named after Turkey, the country through which it passed when the mineral first reached Europe; otherwise it is not known to be in Turkey. The color turquoise is named after this mineral. Turquoise is primarily found as a secondary mineral in copper ores. .Also in the Sinai and the mineral was mined in Serabit el-Khadim is a temple dedicated to the Egyptian "Lady Torquoise" (the goddess Hathor). Turquoise is used as a gemstone. During the Ottoman Empire was turquoise exported as precious mineral. Imitation Turquoise was made for the first time in 1972 in France, but the properties of these imitation different from those of the natural varieties.

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