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Wentletrap - Epitoniidae - Shells - Sea Shells - 40mm x 20mm

Wentletraps are small, often white, very high-spired, predatory or ectoparasitic sea snails, marine gastropod mollusks in the family Epitoniidae.

The word wentletrap originated in Dutch (wenteltrap), and it means spiral staircase. These snails are sometimes also called "staircase shells", and "ladder shells".

Most species of wentletrap are white, and have a porcelain-like appearance. They are notable for their intricately geometric shell architecture, and the shells of the larger species are prized by collectors.

The listing is for the specimen pictured - in A+ condition. In will come in a lovely display dome . ( 7cm x 4cm)

A sought after collectors shell with collectors due to its beautiful geometric shape.

Scientic Name - Epitoniidae

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