Xl Large Giant Gold Lip Oyster 22cm x 20cm

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This is superb shell, one of natures giant sea wonders!

The gold lip oyster ( Pinctada maxima) is a species of pearl oyster, a marine bivalve mollusk.. There are two different color varieties: the White-lipped oyster and the Gold-lipped oyster.

This stunning shell pictures is the gold lipped oyster. It has been plished to revealed it's incredible golden, mother of pearl layer.

These are the largest pearl oysters in the world! . They have a very strong inner shell layer composed of nacre, also known as "mother of pearl". They are important in the cultured pearl industry as they are used to produce South Sea pearls.

The size of this shell is 22cm across x 20cm wide.

We also sell smaller versions of this shells.

We only supply shells from sustainable and approved sources. Where possible from farmed stocks. All of our shells are non-endangered species.

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