XL - Rose of Jericho -Resurrection Plant Rose of Jericho Dinosaur Plant Desert M

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Common names for this plant include false rose of Jericho, rose of Jericho, resurrection plant, dinosaur plant, siempre viva, stone flower, doradilla or Tumbleweed.

This plant is one on Nature's true wonders..

Sold in its dry state. It can be revived with only a little water. After wetting, the plant turns green, into afantastic fern, hence the name "resurrection plant".

The listing is for anextra large plant - measuring approx 10-15cm in its dry form and doubling in size when it comes back to life!

Take it from the water and it will slowly 'die' to its original state until given water once more.

Perfect for vivarium's, Education, houses and more.

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